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Lamudi Property Fair LED Booth Event



Visual Design


Graphic Designer

graphical user interface with lamudi branding is a property tech company that held an online and offline event named Lamudi Property Fair (LPF). An LPF website arranged the online event, while the offline event was held at a booth in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

LEDs inside the booth provided customers with home recommendations to buy when they tapped and answered questions.

Tap the screen.
Recommend houses for purchase


The event was held at a Shopping mall which is a public place where people can come dan go freely. The fact that it's a public area means that some people go there for a variety of reasons, such as shopping or just to stroll. Because of this, what challenge we faced was they just knew the event on the spot, so there wouldn't have much time.


In order to provide house recommendations effectively, LEDs were operated inside the booth which could create a physical interaction with customers. It was an alternative because talking with some professionals at the booth took more time. On top of that, the recommendations were linked directly to LPF's website, so that if they decided to purchase based on the recommendations, they could pay online immediately.


Building LEDs make booth more attactive because of some physical interaction with consumers. Through this, we collected database about how customers behaviour in property field which could be used for next event or other further development.

wireframe led lamudialternative led lamudi

Knowing which houses to buy in a simple way

LPF event consumers were mostly millennials, which was almost interacted with technology everyday. In the offline event, they want to get the result in a limited time so we provided LEDs that automatically gave the house recommendations based on customers' answers. If it still wasn’t enough, there would be some property professionals helping and giving advice.

We collaborated with the event team who handled the whole event and an external vendor who developed the design. The initial process was started by making a customer journey inside the booth, then determining the essential aspects for customers who want to buy a home. As a result, LED gave direct house recommendations based on the question we asked.

using led lamudi
lpf led booth event
final interface led lpf lamudi

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