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Gotransit, Gojek




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gojek project

Gotransit is a trip assistant that aims to make the multimodal trip experience easier and safer for customers.

To accommodate more people to have a better trip experience, Gotransit now offers a phone-based ticketing system.

Sell transport tickets.
Gotransit provides a better trip experience


The COVID-19 pandemic creates a lot of regulations and policies change. One of them impacts transportation, especially KRL and MRT, making the single-trip card/ticket is no longer available in order to reduce physical touch. However, they still have other options with multi-card/e-money which is more expensive because not only do they need to purchase tickets, but cards are also charged a fee.


Tackling by building a new function for purchasing tickets via an app which could make it easier and more effective for users. This helped them to have another option that is free. There also an opportunity to provide the company with another revenue stream since it directly integrates with Gopay for payment.

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Some metrics that I use to measure success are SUS (74) and NPS (60%). The impact on users is that, for now, people might not bring cards or anything else to buy transit tickets. It is convenient and easy.

mockup gotransit

Understanding user requirements, then the rest

For creating a new function on this app, we started researching and gathering insights through interviews and surveys. There were several user goals that needed to be addressed and accomplished to make it easier for users to buy tickets for their trip, especially the train experience.

As we know, daily commuting isn’t always as simple as ordering ojek (motorcycle taxi). In fact, not only did they need to bring a phone for ojek but also they needed to bring a card (e-money/multi-trip) buying the ticket which was ineffective. In addition, they wanted to avoid spreading the virus by being touchless. Thus, it would be better if they used only one device for all activities.

research result
table customer journey

Introducing the online payment

Several ideas rose to the top, but we should prioritize the most important. Based on research, commuters want an alternative payment option that doesn't charge more to save money. Besides that, they want to eliminate time-consuming activities, so that they can take the train on time.Payment system played a major role, as it sometimes takes time to buy tickets due to queueing. A solution we introduced to the train system was online payment. This improvement will create better experience for users.


Switching from card to phone-based ticketing

The concept for Gotransit revolved around replacing a smart card with a smartphone, which most people always have on hand. Furthermore, people could order at the station or even before they arrived. While the situation was draining and fast-paced, there was another function where users could top up money, so that they wouldn't have to stand in line at the counter and save time.

feature gotransit 1

Barcode as a ticket

Since we ordered by phone, we received the barcode as a ticket which then we pointed into the ticketing machine. This would help to move faster without thinking “Am I bringing my train card?”. Due to the fact that we just used the phone again after checking in with peduli lindungi, this process was much more effective.

feature gotransit 2mockup barcode on station

Changing a destination in the middle

After a series of user testings held during the iteration, the idea of providing freedom in action to adjust with a new direction in the middle of the trip was come up. So, this offered user’s flexibility control to choose destination they wanted to go.

On the other hand, To constantly striving for improvement, the company needs feedback from the users. Therefore, creating task to review and rate was essensial to see users’ perspective while using Gotransit.

feature gotransit 3

Future Implementation

In the future, if there is more time, this app will need to integrate with other sub-functions on Gojek. Integrating not only will connect functions either with Goride or Gocar, but also will make a lean experience because the route and fare from the initial location to the final destination will be provided in it and paid with digital payment.

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