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Kampung Bandan Railway Station


Asian Young Designer Award (AYDA) 2020 by Nippon Paint Indonesia




Honorable Mention

cover kampung bandan station

The idea of "crossing the bridge connection" is used in the redevelopment of Kampung Bandan Station, which refers to the station as a bridge that unites two different areas. The station's functions can now be connected thanks to this new feature, known as a Hub.

The station has a total surface area of 20.000 m2, and its building space is 6000 m2. The Hub is a pedestrian-friendly urban sanctuary with accessible spaces.

entrance  2 b


In order to create an overall united experience, it was crucial to create links between two platforms that had level-separated areas. In addition, the surroundings should be as developed as the station in terms of social, economic, and environmental factors.

Entrance Gate 2

entrance  2 a
entrance 1a
entrance 2
cover kampung bandan station

Entrance Gate 1

board presentatioon 1a
board presentation 1
board presentation 2
board presentation 3b
board presentation 3

By using the idea of integrating three sections, first an open space, which led to harnessing scale, space, and light, such as a new inner court (main plaza) in the station's core, we can give passengers a tranquil and legible experience.

Second, a green space that was converted into a pleasant area that locals may also use for pleasure is directly connected to the main station, with the outside ramp acting as a focus of interest toward that location. Third, all sections are connected to make the hub a more welcome and accessible destination.

plaza 4
plaza 3
plaza area 1

Plaza Areas

plaza 2
train platform 1
train platform 2

Train Platforms

train platform 3

"Buildings cannot exist in a vacuum, thus the effects of this redevelopment should to have been felt in the neighborhood as well. Obtaining chances from the station that enhance local residents' lives and create a better environment."

Jury of AYDA 2020

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