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Easton Urban Kapital


Easton Urban Kapital


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Visual Design
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Web Designer
Webflow Developer

A home page for a real estate website.

I partnered with Easton team to bring their brand refresh to life on the web.

Easton Urban Kapital is a property development company provides high-quality design housing in Jabodetabek Area and Palembang.


The Easton team found their website is non-customizable using Wix and wanted to refresh their site to reflect their brand.

Shortly after they knew how convenient using Webflow was, they wanted to build a beautiful, easy-to-maintain website.


Leveraging the existing visual component from the Easton team, I updated the entire site with a refreshment brand color and web design system.

This created a unique and captivating experience with powerful no-code tools.

Built 90+ web pages that connect with local CRM using Zapier to automate and Airtable to compile all the customers' data.

Brand to digital with systematic style

Start with choosing the brand color that is accessible and flexible throughout the site.

Then, I translated what the Easton team needed & wanted into a digital experience. From the beginning of scoping the site deliverables, we knew scalability and consistency were critical to delivering a performant and timeless product.

So, we built the site from our style and layout framework that maximizes reusability and optimizes long-term maintenance.

Zapier automation and Airtable

We have to connect the new site with their local CRM which Webflow can’t support right now.

So, I needed to set up a Webhook connection to Zapier and Airtable. With Zapier, I transformed the form submission data into a Zapier email parser and sent them to a local CRM.

And by using Airtable, we want to ensure that all the input data is gathered in one place.

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